Internship at Virgin Express Ireland

* As of April 2, 2001, Virgin Express Ireland, Ltd. has been closed.

** As of March 25, 2007, Virgin Express SA/NV of Brussels, the original branch of Virgin Express, has become Brussels Airlines.

*** is off the air (Virgin Express, the airline, no longer exists).

London Gatwick, arrival: June 1 Virgin Express B737-300 at Shannon Orlando, arrival: August 27

Contact Information:

E-mail  me at (be sure to remove the word N0SPAM from my email address, first).

If you have any questions/comments at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at the above mail address.

View my resume/CV: (PDF format) (DOC format)
  --Updated February 7, 2011.

Background Information:

Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed the opportunity to go to Ireland for an internship with Virgin Express (Ireland), an airline that operates scheduled and charter flights throughout Europe and northern Africa. The web site address for Virgin Express is There, you will find more information about the company.


The following pictures were taken by me while living in Europe. There are descriptions available for every picture. The pictures are shown in two sizes: Thumbnail and Normal viewing size. Thumbnails will be about one inch square, while the Normal sized pictures will take up large amount of screen space. You view a Normal sized picture by clicking on a Thumbnail sized picture, or by navigating sequentially with the "Previous" and "Next" links. If you click on the "3X Larger" link, a very large window will appear, containing the current picture being viewed.

Download times for the Normal sized pictures may take anywhere from as little as 5 seconds, up to as much as 60 seconds. It all depends on the connection speed between you and the server where these pictures reside. There may be times when the transfer rate is slow. Please be patient while the images load.

Note: these pages contain numerous graphics. Please be prepared for slow downloads should they occur. Also, the best screen resolution size to view these pictures is 800x600, although 640x480 will suffice with minimal additional effort.

Thumbnail Pictures from May 31 to June 30, 2000.
Thumbnail Pictures from July 1 to July 31, 2000.
Thumbnail Pictures from August 1 to August 31, 2000.
Thumbnail A collection of maps for locating places.
Thumbnail Best picks: A couple of the most interesting pictures.
Thumbnail Daily log: What I did every day (places, expenses, et cetera).
Thumbnail Animation sequence: the tides of The River Shannon.

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